tablet pc repairing institute in Delhi
Advance Tablet PC Service Training (Chip Level)
    Tablet PC Repairing Course Tablet Basic
    Introduction about Tablet PC
    Deferent Size of Tablets (Dimensions)
    Introduce About Tablet Manufacturing Companies
    Operating system and their version
    Processor Description Of All Tablets
    Sensor Description
    Frequency Band Details Use in Tablets( GSM & CDMA )
    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Range
    Deferent Section OF Tablets
    Block Diagram of All Tablets

    Basic Electronics
    Use of multimeter
    Voltage, Current, Charge
    Resistor, Capacitor, Diode
    Transistor, Transformer, Crystal
    Speaker, Ringer, Mic, Vibrator

    Chip Level Practical
    Component soldering & disordering
    Jumper setting
    BGA IC reballing
    Dismantle-Assembly & Disassembly
    Replace earpiece, buzzer, mic, mmc & sim socket
    Replace display and touch screen
    Use of ultra sonic, power supply & hot gun

    Trouble shooting classes (Tracing)
    Parts Identification Of Tablets
    Block diagram
    PCB Layout
    IC’S Identification
    Common fault
    USB (Dock Connector) jack pins details
    Repair charging problem
    Repair audio section, wi-fi & camera
    LCD, Touch & Light solution

    Software Classes
    Installation of operating systems in tablet pc
    Windows/ Android operating system·
    Upgrading operating system
    Downgrading operating system
    Changing operating systems
    Driver installation
    Application installation on tablet pc
    Troubleshooting of Operating systems
    Troubleshooting of Application software
    Pattern lock Unlocking